Strengthening the Family (STF)


Team Area - Appleton - Madison - Marietta - Milan - Nassau


If you have an interest in promoting and supporting our LqPV students, `Strengthening the Family` is looking to add new members to their committee. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at the LqPV High School. Some of the activities STF we have been involved in are; the Homecoming Tailgate Feed, Asset Builders, STF Raffle, Radio Auction, Elementary Child Guide Program, educational speakers, school/community calendar, etc. The LqPV Strengthening the Family team works together, to support the needs of children & teens, by identifying their needs, educating, and mentoring to bring about positive change. If you would like to join the STF team or are interested in hearing more, please contact Steve Sterud by calling 877-889-4153 or email


Steven Sterud

Kaye Thole

Gloria Tobias

Karin Moen

Kipp Stender

Sheri Hansen

Tom Moe

Courtney Ulstad

Jennifer Matthies
Heather Piotter
 Dan Struxness
  Paul Raymo
Susan Clark
Heidi Kellen 
Cory Thorsland