Greetings Appleton-Milan Elementary School Families.  As we begin the new school year and celebrate the opening of our addition, there will be some changes to our morning drop off and afternoon pick up routines.  Please watch the attached video to learn more about how both of these will look.  We recognize that these routines will be a change for our community, but the safety and security of our students is paramount and these new routines will help keep everyone safe in our new school environment.  Your patience is appreciated as everyone becomes accustomed to the new routines.








  1. Drop off students no earlier than 7:55 am.

  2. Enter from the northeast corner of the school property~Edquist St.

  3. Pull ahead at least to the Orange Cone placed on the sidewalk using the right hand lane only.

  4. Stop your vehicle to allow your student to exit out the right hand side.

  5. Students should walk on the sidewalk to the main entrance of the school building.

  6. Cars may proceed south to exit out the east or south exit areas, being cautious as you exit.



  1. Using both carpool lanes, please pull ahead until you reach the orange traffic cones, then stop.

  2. Between 3:00-3:05 pm, students will be released from the school building.

  3. Students will find their vehicles and get safely inside.

  4. Once ALL vehicles have their student(s) inside, vehicles will be allowed to proceed south and exit.  

    1. If you are in the right hand lane, exit out the south exit

    2. If you are in the left hand lane, exit out the east exit

  5. If you are picking up a middle school or high school student, please proceed south and park in the south lot until buses from the middle/high school arrive.

  6. Please be cautious and aware of the surrounding area for moving vehicles and students.


*Please note changes to the City Bus Procedures

  • Morning City Bus Protocol~the City Bus will:

    • Follow similar procedures as other carpool vehicles.

    • Utilize the right hand carpool lane, stopping, and having students safely exit the bus.

  • Afternoon City Bus Protocol:

    • The City Bus will park in the alley north of the main school entrance~an orange cone will be placed there as a marker.

    • Students will exit the main or east entrance and board the city bus.

    • The City Bus will exit onto Edquist Street.

    • If a second afternoon trip is needed, the city bus will use the carpool lane.


As we implement this new system, please be patient and follow the directions of staff.  Our goal is to keep all students safe.




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