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  • Our students SOAR; they are Safe, On task, have a positive Attitude, and show Respect

  • Our students Respect: themselves, others, and our facility

  • Our Top-Notch staff is invested in the education of our students

  • We are proud of our diversity and everything we can learn from others

  • We welcome everyone!!




We are embarking on a very exciting era at Appleton-Milan Elementary School.  In November 2019, the district community members overwhelmingly passed a referendum that has come to fruition.  The much anticipated Appleton-Milan Elementary School Addition is finished and ready to welcome students for the 2021-2022 school year!  Another exciting piece to the opening of our new addition, is that both the Collaborative Preschool and Prairie Playhouse Childcare Center will move into our renovated ‘old’ school.  This change will create a birth to grade four educational experience for the community’s children and families.   Even though we are experiencing all of these changes, our entire staff will continue to create a safe and wonderful learning environment for all of our students. 


Another change that will usher in this new era is our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up routines.  

Morning Drop Off:  7:55 am is the earliest time that students are allowed into the building.

  • Families will now drop off their students in the ‘old’ bus lane.  We request that families:

    • Pull ahead as far south in the ‘old’ bus lane as they are able.  

    • Stop and allow your child to fully exit from the west side of the vehicle.

    • Exit out of either the east or south exit spots

  • Please do not drop off students prior to 7:55 am.

  • If your child walks, please do not send him/her to school too early as they will be waiting outside until 7:55 am.

Afternoon Pick Up:  staggered times are listed below.

  • 3:00 pm:  Parent Pick Up/Carpool~it is extremely important families are lined up per the directions below.

  • Afternoon Carpool will follow a safer, new routine.  Please view the video here (INSERT Video here)

    • Cars will line up in two lanes in the old/east bus lane facing south with space to walk down the middle between the two lanes.

  • Cones will be set up so cars are not able to proceed until the cones are moved.

  • If a family is also picking up an older sibling from the high school, they should park in the right/west lane.  When they are released to go, they should proceed forward and park in the south lot.

  • If a family is not picking up an older sibling from the high school, they should park in the left/east lane.  When they are released to go, they should proceed left out the exit area.

  • Students will be dismissed out the east school door.  Once the student exits the building, they will be directed to walk on the sidewalk and find their parent/car.

  • For safety purposes, no one will be  allowed to leave until all cars are filled.

  • NOTE: If a carpool student is not out of the building and in a car by 3:07, that car will need to proceed south and park in the lot in order to keep the flow of traffic moving.  If this happens, once the student exits the building, staff will help them find their car.

  • The City Bus will be a part of the afternoon carpool routine.

  • 3:10 pm: Walkers and Milan Bussers are dismissed

  • 3:15 pm:  All other Bussers are dismissed to line up in the gym 

Our new carpool routine will take some time for everyone to understand and get used to, so please be patient throughout the process..  The staff at Appleton-Milan Elementary School is anxious to get the school year started!


Always learning,

Maureen Heinecke~Appleton-Milan Elementary Principal


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