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From:  Kipp Stender, Principal, Tony Smith, 22-23 TOSA


It seems hard to believe we are already planning for the next school year!  One of the tasks to be completed is preparing class lists for next year. A tremendous amount of thought and energy goes into this process.  Classroom teachers meet amongst themselves, with specialists, special education teachers, and the principal to discuss appropriate placement of students.  Our goal is to develop classes that will grow into positive learning environments for all students.  Things that are crucial to consider as we build those class lists include, but are not limited to:


  • A balance of boys and girls;

  • A blend of abilities;

  • Careful consideration of student personalities and behaviors;

  • A mixture of students from classrooms; and

  • Placing students who work well together as learners, which does not necessarily mean they are friends.


Most parents do not request teachers; however, we realize that parents/guardians know their child better than anyone.  With respect to this, we have developed a process for providing your input to this process.  Please follow the steps below:


Do not indicate teacher’s names on the forms.

  1. Use the PARENT INPUT FOR STUDENT PLACEMENT form.  The form is on the MMN web page. You can also pick one up at the office, or request one via mail.

  2. Use a separate form for each child.

  3. Only these forms will be accepted.  Please do not use handwritten notes or letters.

  4. Return the form to the Elementary Office by June 2nd, 2022


As mentioned earlier, the process of class formation is a very thoughtful one.  You can rest assured that the professionals developing these classes are highly skilled people whom you can trust.  Also, please realize that teaching assignments can change prior to the beginning of school

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