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Tony Smith
Athletic Director

Phone: 320-752-4876



As athletic director and activities coordinator, I strongly believe that life’s most important lessons and habits can be learned through participation in extracurricular activities. Such attributes as a solid work ethic, self-discipline, self-motivation, dedication, and what it means to be a member of a team are just a few of the many valuable assets that can be attained through this participation. Study after study shows that being involved in extracurricular activities positively affects the academic success of students who are involved.

Students involved in extracurricular activities learn to organize their lives, to accept roles, to appreciate others for the roles they play, and to establish and pursue goals. Having said that, extracurricular activities are just that – extra. To be a part of them is not a right but a privilege. It takes a special young adult to be able to keep the balance between academics and athletics. Therefore, it is important that our students of Lac qui Parle Valley High School take pride not only in the many teams that represent our school and communities, but also take pride in academics and understand the importance of continuing education.

It is also necessary for everyone to understand the important role students involved in extracurricular activities play in our communities. People use our teams as groups to rally around, show support for, and identify with. People of our communities find pride in being a Lac qui Parle Valley Eagle when watching our students be successful in athletics or other extracurricular activities. It is important that our students show that same support for each other and feel that same sense of pride in themselves, our school, and our communities.



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