Bus Routes 2020


Starting Monday, September 14th, in Madison, the 5th through 12th grade students will board a bus in front of MMN Elementary. If needed, students may wait under the front overhang.


The buses will drop off the elementary students around 7:50 and pull ahead to pick up the 5-12 students. Once a bus is near 50% capacity it will leave the for the 5-12 building.


At dismissal, the buses will arrive at MMN around 3:20. Family members of 5-12 bus students may arrive and depart MMN Elementary with their siblings.

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Monday, August 31, 2020


Dear Lac Qui Parle Valley Schools Families,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about school transportation for the 2020-2021 school year, and describe how we are working to minimize their impact to the students and families.

This fall we will return to school like no other year in history. The covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do things today and into the future. Riding the school bus will change this year as well. Please review this back-to-school information letter for the latest news on what has changed and what families need to do in order for your child and all students to be safe and have a successful bus experience this school year.

  • Transportation questions were included in this year's online registration. Mask sure to answer these questions. (There will be NO early bird bus to the high school)

  • Parents need to perform a health screening assessment of their students BEFORE sending them to school. If a student shows  signs of any Covid-19 symptoms, please keep your student at home.

  • Students should maintain a 6 foot distance between families at bus stops.

  • Be prepared to board and deboard the bus in an orderly fashion. 

  • Siblings will need to ride the same bus and will need to sit together on their assigned buses.

  • There will be no switching between buses at any of the schools. When you get on a bus you will ride that bus until you arrive at your school.

  • Students must ride the same buses home that they arrived on in the morning.

  • Masks are to be worn at all times on the bus per Executive Order 20-81.


Pickup for 5-12 grade in Madison will be at the Armory, until further notice.

Please keep in mind that you may need to check the routes often, as this is a working document, changes will be made often.

If you have questions please call 320-289-1871 or 320-752-4846.



Kristin Pierce

Transportation Coordinator



Click the link HERE to view bus routes.


Chuuk Version:

Monday, August 31, 2020

Ngeni family mei wor nouch non ach ewe Lac Qui Parle Valley School,


Auchean me popun ach ei sia pwan mak ren ach sipwe esinesin ren porousen wach kewe bus non ei yearin sukun  2020-2021 sipwe pwan ekis awewei epwe ifa ussun ach sipwe angang fengen ren tumunun an epwe ekis kukununo fetanin ei samaw ngeni nouch kewe me ach kewe family.

Non ei fall sipwe ne niwin ngeni sukun nge esapw ussun met mi fifis non ekewe ekoch year. Ei samaw covid-19 pandemic a aworato ekoch ekesiwin ren met sipwe fori ikenai me non ekan ran mwach. Pwan ren kokotun fetanin ach sipwe fiti wach kewe bus mi wor watte ekesiwinin non ei year. Ouse mochen oupwe katon ika aneani ekei porousen ach sukun ren ekei chomongun ekesiwin mei fis me met ach kewe family repwe fori ren pekin tumunun nouch kewe me ekewe chon sukun meinisin ren ar repwe safe me weweiti fetanin war bus non ei year.


  • Kapas eis ren porousen wach kewe iwe mei pachonong ika nomw won ach ewe online registration ika won ewe website sia kan registerini nouch kewe won anean amwo sipwe kan ponuweni ekena kapas eis. ( ese chiwen wor bus epwe mwitir ngeni ach ewe high school ren nesosor.)

  • Sam me in repwe fori ew angangen kuta nonnomun pochokunen nour kewe chon sukun me mwen repwe uweireno ngeni sukun. Ika epwe wor ekewe esisinen ei samaw covid-19 rer, kose mochen anomwatiw noum ewe non imw.

  • Chon sukun repwe awora ukukun 6 feet nefiner me ekewe sam me in non ekewe nenien witiwitin bus.

  • Monota omw kopwe tota me totiw seni ewe bus non omw kopwe fiti teten.

  • Chochon ew me ew family repwe chok fiti efoch bus pwan motofengen won ewe bus ian a afat pwe repwe momot ian.

  • Esapw wor ekesiwinin bus ren ekewe sukun. Kopwe chok fiti ewe bus ke fiti tori omw ewe sukun.

  • Aa mask iteiten fansoun meinisin won bus ussun mei afat non ei ènuk 20-81.

Ren chon sukunen ach ewe Madison seni mwichen 5-12 nenien ar repwe fiti ekewe bus me ren ewe Armony, tori inet epwe wor ekesiwinin esinesin.

Kose mochen chechemeni pun mei auchea omw kopwe checheki ussun fefetanin wach kewe iteitan, pun ei anapanapen mokutukutun angang epwe wor ekesiwin ngeni fan chomong.

Ika epwe ekoch omw kapas ei ka tongeni kori nouch ei nampa 320-289-1871 ika 320-752-4846

Kinisou seni,


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