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Our school is getting ready to kick-off [socially distant] KIDS HEART CHALLENGE!  We are so excited to participate in this service-learning program from the American Heart Association that will teach your student how to care for their hearts – physically and emotionally – while raising lifesaving donations. Our goal is to have 100% of students register online and take a heart healthy challenge! ?


Even with the impacts of COVID-19 present, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America! Did you know that COVID-19 is causing heart disease in otherwise healthy individuals? We have our work cut out! To learn more about the heart and COVID-19 impacts, Click Here.


We will be kicking everything off at school in PE

Appleton-Milan: Feb 5th

Madison-Marietta-Nassau: Feb 10th

You can get a sneak peek with our virtual envelope à HERE!


With the help of our friends, the HEART HEROES, our school is on a mission to fight Heart Disease and get rid of it for good!

Each of the Heart Heroes have a special message they are using to teach our students about heart health. Make sure you ask your student what they learned from their new friends!


ANY student who takes the KIDS HEART CHALLENGE online will earn a wristband to wear proudly and remind them of their challenge!

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While our Heart Heroes are teaching our students how to KEEP their hearts healthy, we also want to recognize that some kids are BORN with unhealthy hearts (1 out of 100 babies, actually!). At the American Heart Association we are we are working tirelessly to fund research to help fix unhealthy hearts, like Finn’s.

Check out Finn's Story and see why we need you on our team!


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Here are four easy steps to get your student’s registered online and start collecting lifesaving donations:


  1. Go to your school’s KHC page:
  2.  http://www2.heart.org/goto/Appleton-Milan_Elem
  3.  http://www2.heart.org/goto/Madison-Marietta-Nassau_Elem


2. Click on the Sign-Up button

3. Create a username and password and then fill out the registration form

4. Share your personal fundraising link with friends and family right away


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AND/OR Download the FREE mobile app Kids Heart Challenge and register your student that way!


Thank you for joining us as we challenge each other to keep our heart healthy and raise donations for kids with special hearts.

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