Letter to Parents 9-28-21


September 28, 2021


LQPV Parents, Students and Staff:


The purpose of this letter is to be transparent in sharing with you how the LQPV School District will make COVID related decisions during the 2021-2022 school year.  The LQPV School Board and staff take COVID related data seriously and at the same time want to be highly focused on keeping our EC-12 students In Person and In School



The LQPV School Board approved an 18 member COVID Command Team. The Command Team is comprised of representatives of teachers, paraprofessionals, maintenance, administration, school board, transportation and community health partners.The Team is charged with the responsibility to work together to review LQPV COVID related data and make recommendations to the school board on how to proceed as we navigate through this school year.  


The Team will continue to meet at least monthly (and more often if the need arises) to review information related to the Healthy Learning Plan currently in place for our students. A daily LQPV COVID CASE DASHBOARD can be found toward the bottom of the LQPV website.  Guidance from Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as a thorough review of regional/local data shared by Countryside Public Health and our area health facilities will all influence the Command Team’s recommendations.


Monday, September 27th, at the second Command Team meeting, after careful review of all of the data and a healthy discussion among team members, the COVID Command Team determined, by consensus, to recommend to the LQPV School Board that the District continue with the Healthy Learning Plan as posted until further notice. It also recommended beginning Monday, October 4, LQPV staff will begin taking temperatures of ALL students who come to school each day.  If a student has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, the student will be referred to the nurses office, parents will be notified and students will be sent home. Please know our  normal school policy requires us to send students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher home. It would be helpful if your child wakes up in the morning with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, he/she stays home.


Again, the Command Team members will be focused on making timely recommendations they believe to be the safest for our students, families and staff. It will be my responsibility to communicate any changes in recommendations to you in a timely way.  It is our  hope the integrity and credibility of the LQPV Command Team will be a lighthouse of transparency for all of our schools and communities.


As you know, COVID data is ever-changing. Please remember to remain “flexible and nimble” as we move through the upcoming weeks. We should not be surprised by any of these changes. We have become accustomed  to change! We will be healthiest if we expect change and continue to develop the capacity to roll with it!


Most Respectfully,

Rick Ellingworth, Interim Superintendent of Schools


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