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Greetings LQPV residents, parents, students, and staff members!  

This year, the Federal and State Governments have requested school leaders survey their community members, students, parents and staff members to gather input about which services and programs schools should prioritize in supporting ALL students as we continue in this COVID-related environment.

Specifically, we are asking for input regarding possible uses of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER) provided through the American Rescue Plan (ARP). These funds are made available to help us address the needs of ALL LQPV students.

Please share your input by completing this short survey. The input will assist us in developing our COVID (ESSER) budgets to support students during the next two school years. Your answers will remain anonymous.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey! We appreciate your ongoing support.


Rick Ellingworth 

LQPV Interim Superintendent of Schools

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Greetings from Lac qui Parle Valley Schools! Interim Superintendent Rick Ellingworth 

Take nothing for granted!  Someone once said “I didn’t know what a bad day was until I had a good one!” Having said that, most of us in the education arena can relate.  Having students in front of us--in person, every day-- is something none of us take for granted anymore! These are indeed good days. We love having our students in our classrooms and we don’t take it for granted. In that light, please do all you can to help keep our students healthy and in school!

We will be seeking your input!  In the next six weeks, we will be reaching out to LQPV School District stakeholders to gather information about what ideas you may have identifying programs we should plan for that will positively impact the lives of ALL of our students.  We are planning to gather your ideas through community meetings. This exercise is encouraged as part of the federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act which included money for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER).

Have an Attitude of Gratitude!  Finally, about three years ago you passed a bond issue of almost $40 million to renovate all three of our school facilities. The approval rate for that vote was over 70%.  Construction has continued through these first ten weeks of the school year and is beginning to wind down. Much appreciation is due our staff, students and families for putting up with some inconveniences so construction work could continue as we occupied the buildings. No doubt there have been some hiccups along the way, and COVID certainly impacted our timelines and costs, but the financial support of our taxpayers provided in making these improvements possible deserves significant gratitude!  On behalf of the LQPV School Board, our staff and students, I extend the most genuine “thank you” in appreciation for your willingness to provide us with exceptional facilities. Those facilities, combined with a strong staff who have a reputation of promoting academic excellence make LQPV a great district to join!


Get to know Interim Superindentent Rick Ellingworth:




Back to School: August 2021

Greetings from the Lac qui Parle School District (LQPV). After a long
career as Superintendent in Redwood Falls, and having served last
year as an Interim Superintendent at Minnewaska Area Schools, I am
very enthusiastic to join LQPV for the coming year. I have been very
impressed with everyone I have met or worked with at LQPV! Many
people have been involved in creating our Back to School newsletter for
2021-2022. Please review the information inside this document and you
will get a good sense of our school district’s commitment to assure
learning excellence and readiness for all students.

I’m excited to convey that we expect to start the school year on time with our first day of
school scheduled for August 30. Our construction projects continue at all three building sites
and although there will be some classroom inconveniences early on, we will be very pleased
with our facilities once all work is completed. The commitment LQPV communities made to
invest in our facilities is genuinely appreciated! Those facilities, along with a strong staff who
have a reputation of high academic expectations within safe and caring environments make
LQPV a great district to join.
We do plan to schedule an “open house” at each of our sites once construction is finished.
We will use that opportunity to thank you publicly for your generous financial support.
As you likely can see in the news media on a daily basis, COVID-19 continues to be part
of our lives. In that regard, please check out our website or see the 2021-22 Safe Return Plan
found elsewhere in this document. I promise we will work hard to communicate with you any
changes that may occur as we move through the school year. Again this year, it will be vital
that we stay “flexible and nimble” should we be asked to change any of our back-to-school

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions about any of our school dis-
trict’s programs and services. We are here to help and look forward to your engagement!




Contact Information:


Phone: 320-752-4835

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